You are the best in driving away the moles from Backyard. All my self-attempts were in vain and I thank you for finding a lasting solution to my problem.

Georgia T –  Langley

Thanks for the amazing after—service support. My home looks clean and is pest-free now! Highly recommended.

Leena Xu –  Vancouver

They follow the best techniques for effective pest control. I would definitely hire their services again.

Richard A. –  Port Moody

I own a food store in Lower mainland and I must say running a food store can be quite challenging especially since it requires first class hygiene. Two months ago I had to shut down my store for a while because I discovered that an outrageous number of rodents had suddenly crawled into the store and were messing up everything with their droppings. A friend recommended Advance Pest Control to me and I cannot regret hiring their services. They are simply awesome!

Mishoud Karim – Surrey

One of the many reasons why I would always rely on this company for pest control services is because they are always right on time and their pest control services are so much effective. I have had to call them on two occasions now because of the insistent raccoon infest and I am still very impressed by how professional and fast they are. I can confidently recommend Advance Pest Control to anybody!

Florence L. – Vancouver

My love for pets has had its own share of heartaches.  I keep four dogs and three cats in my house. I had to use all kinds of pesticides to control the seasonal outbreak of pests, especially fleas. Some never worked and some worked only for a short while. Last summer I got to know about Advance Pest Control through an online search. They did a tremendous job such that I have never had to worry about letting out my pets and worrying about what they brought in with them afterward.  It has been a pest free house because of Advance Pest Control. Thank you so much!

Diana Ford. – Vancouver

When you have a reason to call a Pest Control Company you are most likely feeling very stressed! No one relishes the thought of rats, carpenter ants, moles ….we know as we have had Anwar to our home to help us get rid of all three! I would like to highly recommend Anwar from Advance Pest Control to you. Anwar addresses the issues with such a calm professionalism that you are immediately reassured. He is highly knowledgeable about his work and takes the time to discuss solutions to the problems with you. When we needed his assistance he was always quick to respond by both phone and text. Thank you so much, Anwar for your excellent handling of our stressful pest issues!

Sandra and Richard – Tsawwassen

Great customer service and took care of a silver fish problem for me.

Dean Hamilton – Coquitlam

We have used this service twice and are very satisfied. Best service we have ever had. Thank you very much.

Phil Taylor – Langley

I have known Anwar for 5 years. He is very thorough professional who always does a complete job. I am happy to recommend him.

Tim Louis – Vancouver

Fumigation services are quite expensive for me; therefore, I have had to rely on buying pesticides to clear out pests in my home. But that has been for short term. I came to hear of Advance Pest Control from a colleague and decided to try out their services since it seemed affordable compared to all others.  I can comfortably say that they are the only professionals who are easily reachable and offer quality services at very affordable rates.

Ashford Millicent – Tsawwassen

Supreme job, efficient and wonderfully professional.

Sandy Ryant – Coquitlam

Prompt, pleasant and efficient. Thank you, Anwar!
Lorelei Velestuk – Tsawwassen

Very quick, friendly service and reasonable priced. Thanks

Calvin Crozier – Delta

Quality of work is outstanding.

Deep – Vancouver

Always on time, Very well coordinated

Jimmy – Port Coquitlam

Very friendly and Affordable

Ahmed – Vancouver

Fantastic service, prompt and efficient

Fair brothers-Surrey

Advance Pest Control are very friendly, professional and know there work

Bajwa – Surrey

Strongly recommended


Excellent service Lois Paul

The service was excellent and I highly recommend them to anybody

David Miller

Excellent service, highly recommended

Pauline Taylor

Very good and reasonable price George

Very professional, came on time, knew the problem. Answered the questions with intelligence, I am more than happy and I have already recommended them to my friends.

Saleim- Abbotsford

Excellent service for bed bugs


No more ants! Excellent service


Since the start of the summer, I had the severe problem with small ants. I called Advance Pest and was extremely pleased with their service and affordable prices. Tom Lee, Port Moody

We approched Advance pest after finding the mouse dropping in the garage. I am satisfied withn their service. Satbir Singh, Coquitlam

I called them for wasp and was very pleased with quick and professional service. Strongly recommended. Chamkur Dhaliwal, Fraser Heights, Surrey

Ants was a big issue, I called Advance Pest and very impressed their services. Lucy Rob, Port Coquitlam

Ants and hornets were big problems in my home last summer. We contacted Advance Pest Control, and they got rid of them.The also tell me how I could help prevent it from recurring. Very happy with their service.

Jim Hardly

I had a wasp problem when i moved to my new place. After calling Advance pest, I was very pleased with the quality of their services. They were super helpful and efficient. I would recommend their service to anyone experiencing pest problems.

Peter Gabany – Langley

We had an ant problem in our house that was not going away with the bogus sprays and insecticides from the store. So glad that we contacted Advance Pest Control. They were here within a day for consultation and explained us the source of the problem. They took care of it and we have not seen any ants since then. Highly recommended!

Misbah Naseer – Surrey

My house was infected with carpenter ants and wasp. Wasp had a big nest in the backyard and under the stucco and some how wasps were penetrating into the basement unit. I contacted various pest providers in the city but received a very professional and personalized service from Advance Pest Control. The problem has been well taken care and I am personally thankful for their quality service. I recommend them for pest services and wish could have given them more than five stars.


Excellent and timely service within our budget! I am very happy with the results.

Arslan Sultan – Surrey

We had a rat problem in our house. I looked up online and called up 4 different pest control companies but found Advance Pest Control most competitive. We set up an appointment. The guy showed up at promised time and did a through inspection of premises, found some holes in the laundry room and discovered traces of rat activity almost in the every room of the house. He Set up different kind of traps and guess what , with in 12 hours we had 2 rats caught in the traps. next day same guy showed up for follow up removed the dead bodies reset the traps and sealed off all the holes and in the laundry and around the pluming pipes in the kitchen and washrooms. Since that day we are rat free no more droppings found. we are very happy with the service and highly recommend Advance pest control.

Moe Samer – Delta

The night I encountered my first flying cockroach scared the hell out of me of those mini beasts. I decided not to share our kitchen with a cockroach again. Honestly, I wasn’t even sure it was possible as we were renting a home from the 70s, and everyone had more or less told me that it was practically impossible to eradicate roaches from older construction. On a family friend’s advise, I contacted Advance Pest Control in this regard. After the first month of their treatment, we never saw a roach in our house again, something I cannot say for previous exterminators we tried. And I now feel safe at night walking into my kitchen and my bathroom. I have, since then, recommend them to one of my friend facing rats problem and a relative for the resolution of bedbugs infestation. As per the feedback I have got, they too, are very well satisfied with the level of commitment and professional services they received.

Shams Akhtar Richmond

We had mice problems for a long time, we tried different companies but finally Advance Pest Control fixed the problem. I recommend to everyone.

Jim, North Delta

They are very professional.

Tansy, Coq

Bed Bugs are a big issue for me in my house; we were not able to sleep at night. My co-worker told me about Advance Pest Control, they have great services and are very friendly.

Harman, Surrey

I saw mouse droppings in my kitchen and living room; next morning I called Advance Pest Control, they did a great job and solved my problem. They are no doubt very professional.

Karman, Coq

We heard noises from our attic, next morning we saw a squirrel coming out from the roof. I told my friend, he gave me Advance Pest Control’s number. They responded immediately, they installed a one way trap for 10 ten days. After that we heard no more noises. I always recommend Advance Pest Control for fast and experienced services.

John, Tsawwessan

I highly recommend Advance Pest Control for bed bug services.

Jas, Abbotsford

Just want to say a big thanks to Advance Pest Control for helping me out with the carpenter ants.

Bill, Vancouver

Bed Bugs are a really big issue for me. I called Advance Pest Control to solve the problem. They have affordable and excellent services.

Gurjeet, Abbotsford

We called Advance Pest Control for carpenter ants problem and found that they are professional and excellent services.

Susan, Surrey

Highly recommend them for bed bug treatment.

Manpreet, New Westminster

I had squirrel problems and I called APC, I am very satisfied with their services.

Charles, Vancouver

Wasps are really a problem when they are going into the attic. Advance Pest Control is an expert to remove them from the attic. I recommend them for all pest control problems.

Gordon, Coq

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