Pest Control in Maple Ridge

To most people, their home is their palace. They invest thousands and thousands of money just to make their home an ideal and a perfect place for themselves and their family. But the feeling of perfection all goes down the drain once you and your kids encounter roaches, rats, bed bugs, and spiders lurking in your very own home. These pests can cause harm and damage more than what they can imagine and sometimes, their home remedies won’t be as helpful as they think they were. This is why many people have finally realized the essential and vital role of hiring a pest control services.


Pests can be very dangerous if not properly exterminated. Spiders can bite, bed bugs can trigger allergies, cockroaches can spread germs and defecate on your exposed food, and rats can spread leptospirosis. Even though there are helpful guides in killing these pests, we can only do so much in eliminating them. Worse, with our very attempt at killing these pests, we might end up hurting ourselves and exposing ourselves to potential risks. This is why there are pest control technicians out there who are trained to know and use their products inside and outside of a home. Most companies provide products that are friendly to the environment and to your well being. There are even companies who provide odorless chemicals so as not to trigger asthma and other allergic reactions to people who might be exposed from their products.


We find ourselves spending too much time pondering ways on how to exterminate these pests. Sometimes, we know the urgency of eliminating these pests that we end up taking a leave from work or postpone any social gatherings to tend to pests. Pest control companies know exactly how precious time is that is why they are willing to work within your preferred schedule. Some even offer inspections of these pest controls for free. They provide time to monitor and report every time they treat your home and they closely observe whether or not there is progress. If there are new species of bugs roaming inside your house, these pest control experts come back and even treat it for free.


There are still skeptics in this line of industry as they find the services being provided too costly. Sure, it can cost up to several hundreds of dollars a year. But if you look at it from a long term point of view, it is more expensive to have your home repaired by carpenters due to termites and ants forming inside your house that can cause severe damage to your wood floored house and wooden walls. This can be detrimental to the foundation of your house as they sometimes case the leakages on the ceiling and can have brittle effect to your wood parquet floors. With this kind of mentality, you will realize that it is indeed cheaper to hire pest control companies to prevent further damage.

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