Odorous House Ant

Odorous ants belong to the species of ants known as the Tapinoma sessile. They have colonies that are polydomous, meaning that they consist of several nests. The colonies are also polygamous, a fact which means that they have multiple queens that are basically responsible for reproduction. Just like is the case with most insects, the odorous ants use quite some complex foraging strategies, competes with other insects and allocate food based on the environmental conditions that they in. On the other hand, the fact that odorous ants are found in numerous types of habitats makes it quite hard to control them. However, that said and done, they can be controlled should one use the right and effective ants control means.

Houses are among the most common places or habitats where you will find these ants. In most cases, they forage in search of honeydew, which is produced by either the aphids or scale insects. In homes, the odorous ants also forage for sugary foods as well as floral nectar. The fact that these annoying ants can find their way into your house is reason enough to call and hire services of ants control professionals such as ants control Vancouver, ants control Tsawwassen, ants control Richmond, ants control Burnaby, ants control Delta, ants control Langley, ants control Abbotsford, ants control Maple Ridge, ants control Coquitlam, ants control Mission, ants control Port Moody, ants control White Rock and ants control Surrey. All these, are well known to offer the best of the best pest control services that are not only effective but also affordable.


The odorous ants vary in length and can be anywhere between 1.5 – 3.2 mm with antennae that are divided into 12 segments. In terms of color, the odorous ants range from brown to black. However, very little is actually known as far as the lifespan of odorous ants is concerned. But it has been said that the queen ants of this family of ants can live up to 8 months or even more while the workers live for at least a number of months. The male odorous ants, on the other hand, live for approximately one week.

The odorous ants, particularly the house odorous ants, are very tough and can continue living even after being injured hence the need to really think about the control measures that you will use in order to completely get rid of these ants in your home and other places. That is not all, queens continue to lay their eggs even with crushed abdomen and can go without food for as long as two months.

Odorous ants are also highly tolerant to both cold and heat. Just as their name suggests, the odorous ants leave back a bad smell when killed or crashed. They are nicknamed “stink ants” due to the bad smell they produce when killed.


Odorous ants forage both day and night. Their nests can be found in wall voids, particularly around heaters and hot water pipes, in sinks, cupboards and crevices to name but a few. Outdoors, you can find these ants in exposed soils, in most cases, found beneath boards, stone walk, etc. One of the reasons that can make these ants invade your home is a food shortage in their outdoors habitats.


The odorous ants’ new colonies are made in two main ways. The first one is when the queen and workers make a new colony by moving from the main colony. The second way is normally when the main colony produces winged male and female who swarm outside the nest where they mate. Once the female ants are fertilized, they establish the new colony.

It is also important to take note that these ants develop by complete metamorphosis from egg to larva and pupa and lastly to an adult ant.

Controlling odorous ants

In the event that you don’t want to use a non-repellant spray, you can use baiting as a way of getting rid of these ants that have been described as being opportunistic thanks to the fact that they can survive both indoors and outdoors. Baiting is, by far, the most effective and reliable treatment of odorous ants. It can eliminate the entire colony. When looking forward to getting ant baits, it is essential to choose from protein/grease-based bats and sugar-based baits.

In case you choose a spray, as many pest control experts such ants control Vancouver; ants control Richmond, ants control Surrey, ants control Langley, ants control Burnaby, ants control Abbotsford, ants control Coquitlam, ants control Delta, ants control Maple Ridge as well as ants control Tsawwassen would advice, always make sure that you use a non-repellant spray unless you want to treat the nest only.

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