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You might have probably heard stories about insects that such human blood at night to feed themselves. These insects are tiny, crawl out only at night and are comfortable with almost every environment. No matter if it is an unhygienic, unsanitary environment, or a place that is neat and tidy, they effortlessly multiple at an alarming rate in every condition. As a result, you can find them in neatest of homes and even hotels and offices. bed_bug_vancouver

By now you might already know that we are talking about bed bugs. The tiny six-legged creature can result in severe problems for you and other home members. While bed bugs are not associated with any kind of health problems or disease, their bites can cause swelling, rashes, and can disallow you to sleep peacefully at night. From a single corner, they can spread all over your home to make it almost impossible for you to sleep at night. While homeowners generally use home remedies and the products available in the market to control bed bugs, these solutions hardly provide any effective result.

So, what will you do?

It you have the problem of bed bug in Vancouver, the only solution is to hire a professional bed bug control service. With vast experience in the field, Advance Pest Control has been providing effective bed bug control service in Vancouver and many different parts of Canada. We are a government licensed, certified, WCB covered, bonded and insured pest control service provider and have helped thousands of home owners, hotels, office owners, etc. with the bed bug problem.

Rather than using chemicals that can result in severe consequences for your property or people living in it, we take a safer approach to the problem to make sure that the results are effective, quick, and completely safe. Apart from this, we also make sure that our services are easily affordable to ensure that everyone has easy access to bed bug-free, healthier environment.

Safe and Effective Bed Bug Control Service

We understand how the bed bugs live, what kind of environments they prefer to lay eggs and where they hide. We combine this knowledge with an effective bed bug control treatment plan which involves the use of a variety of tools and equipments to make sure that the results are exactly what you’ve expected. With our bed bug control service we can remove 100% of the bed bugs along with their eggs to ensure that you live in a safe, healthier, and peaceful environment.

We begin our treatment for bed bug in Vancouver with an initial inspection. This inspection allows us to know the level at which the beg bug infestation already is. It is much easier to eliminate them when the infestation is still at an initial stage. However, if the bed bugs have already developed their colonies at your home or office, the treatment can take a lot more time. But irrespective of the infestation level, you can rest assured that Advance Pest Control will provide you with effective results.

24 x 7 Service

We believe in providing our customers with world-class services. As a result, we provide them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to easily match your schedule. Moreover, we also offer a no obligation quote to our customers free of cost to allow them to check for other bed bug control service providers as well and then make an informed decision. While you can definitely find cheaper alternatives, the result will not align with your expectations or even if it does, the bed bugs will return after a short span of time.

We have been providing bed bug control services in Vancouver and many different parts of Vancouver for several years and have been able to create an impressive reputation for ourselves. It is the dedication to customer satisfaction that has allowed us to succeed and we will continue to do so in future too, to ensure that our customers always have easy access to affordable, quick, and effective bed bug control services.

Apart from bed bug control, we also offer a variety of other pest control services for ants, spiders, cockroaches, rats, rodents, wasps, and a lot more.

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