Monthly Archives: November 2017

Want Get Rid of Bed Bugs? Hire a Professional Pest Control Company Today

Controlling bed bugs can be challenging if you have no idea what you are doing because they hide so well and there are a lot of treatments that the egg stage is resistant to; so you just can’t stop at one attempt. That’s why you have to hire a professional pest control company, a company named Advance Pest control; to bring an end to the sleepless nights and bed bug bites.

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Mouse Problem in Richmond & Lower Mainland

Having your office, business places, school or home invaded by Mouse can be really scary, devastating and even embarrassing. Think when you have visitors in your home, and they can’t stay anymore because they saw rats playing hide and seek in your kitchen and all they can think about is the rats moving in between your plate rack and foodstuff. Hence, you certainly need to seek help from professionals; experts from Advance Pest Control to be specific because we’ll be bringing an end to all your mouse problems in Richmond. You read that right, ALL!

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